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Activities in Maui, Hawaii

Have you ever wanted to do something a little bit wild or out of the ordinary? Something not like "YOU"?   We'd love to introduce you to another side of "YOU"!  In addition to being a beautiful tropical island, Maui offers a multitude of unique, challenging and exciting activities. We would like to enhance your Maui experience and invite you to participate in any, or all of the following. We have selected one or two operators in each category based on personal experience and client feedback.

The best activities will always sell out early (Old Lahaina Luau, Trilogy excursions, Ulalena etc).  As soon as your dates are set, you should consider booking your activities.  Check our activities site, filled with helpful info, and discounted prices: OR call Andreas at 888-222-3602, or 808-244-6200.  He has tried them all, and is full of helpful info!

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Maui Vacation Properties DIVING AND SNORKELING
Snorkeling is one of our favorite activities, and there are plenty of snorkeling sites that you can access from the beach - FREE.  When you arrive in Maui, stop at Maui Dive Shop (Kihei or Lahaina) for their FREE, full color snorkel/dive guide.  This will give you the location details, entry points, and tips to make your snorkeling experience a safe one.   Both day and night dives can be arranged to exciting sites, with enticing names such as "Cathedrals", "Monolith", and "Sharkfin Rock". Some of the best snorkeling can be found at Honolua and Kapalua Bays (west end of Maui), Olowalu (located at 14 mile marker south of Lahaina) and Ahihi and La Perouse Bays at the south end of Maui. These areas are prime locations allowing you to see fish in a natural state in protected marine preserves. 

Andreas can help you compare the various boat trips offered.  Call him at 888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Maui Vacation Properties

Reserve through Andreas at 888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
The most authentic and favorite of the luaus - the Old Lahaina Luau offers a traditional feast, Hawaiian music and a hula show. Although most of the major hotel chains offer a similar experience, the Old Lahaina Luau is picked to be the least commercial favorite.
NOTE:  The show is the history of hula, and might be a little boring for young children.  You might have a better evening if you leave the little ones with a sitter (we recommend the Nanny Connection).
IMPORTANT:  Make your reservations well in advance, as this is sold out most evenings.  Seating is made based on when you make your reservation (best seats are for those that booked first), so make your reservation as early as possible).

Maui Vacation Properties
There are a couple of different types of bicycle tours on Maui.  Most are follow the leader style, pulling over every couple of minutes to let the traffic pass.  If you seldom get on a bike, this might be the best option for you.
But if you're a little more active, and want something a little more fun, we highly recommend cycling on your own.  One of our guests gave us this feedback about cycling on Maui:
"The ride from Twin Falls to Keanae is physically the most amazing ride I have ever done. It is an amusement park ride from the physical standpoint, with wonderful twisty descents challenging you to go ever faster, while the uphills are barely noticed as you soak in the lush scenery and amazing ocean views. The road is stressful to travel by car, but fabulous on a bike.
Few locals will ride beyond Hana and Kipahulu because of the dirt and rough pavement around Kaupo, but that very fact means there is almost no traffic and the ride feels quite adventurous, challenging your riding skills, while moving through many totally different climate zones. For those of us who live in mono-climatic regions of the country (world) the ride around South Maui and all the way back through Ulupalakua and Kula is truly a life-changing experience. For me, riding through dry cattle country with crashing surf on my left and views of lush forest high on the mountain, complete with water falls through sharp valleys on that distant hillside to my right was awe-inspiring. Sugarcane valley, Hookipa surf, Rain forest, Hana's pastoral cattle ranches, high cliffs  on rugged shoreline, dry cattle country, nearly barren lava beds, high eucalyptus forest and high grassland....there are precious few places in the world where you can experience all of this in a single day of biking !
The West Maui loop was my first experience on the island, since Shawn Conners dragged me out for the West Maui Metric Century event 6 or so years ago. The stretch of road past Lahaina and the other resorts kind of sucks, but then all of a sudden it becomes small twisty road and you pass the blowholes, and eat up great ocean views and do more twisty up and down to Kahakuloa, after which the road gets even smaller and more personal before reaching the screaming descent to Waihee. That's another "amusement park ride" there...
The volcano is a natural challenge that many riders will want to do as a milestone in their lives, but it's a lot of work for a long time, and after you have been spoiled by the sheer amount of sensory input on other rides it is hardly boring, but it can seem like a long "slog". I didn't bother to do it this year.
Cycling on Maui is not for the faint of heart or for those who are not fit, because most of the great rides involve climbing and descending, but among cycling aficionados Maui would be considered an undiscovered paradise.  I am hoping to organize a group trip in the next year or two for the sheer pleasure of watching the looks on my friends' faces and hearing them talk about their experiences doing some of these rides. You'll hear from me when that takes shape."
Courtesy of Glenn Swan
Go Cycling Maui - challenging rides with Donnie and his crew - 808.579.9009
Na Ala Hele trail system - click here to visit
Maui Vacation Properties
The Trilogy trips have always been a favorite with our clients. They operate well maintained catamarans with snorkel trips to Molokini and Lanai. The Lanai trip takes the better part of a day but is well worth it. Start with hot cinnamon buns and fresh Kona coffee, a delightful sail to Lanai, snorkeling in the Hulopoe marine preserve, followed by a great barbecue lunch on the beach. They also provide a van tour of Lanai, guided by a Lanai resident.   Our opinion - "There are less expensive trips, but Trilogy seems to offer the best value!"  To quote SAILING MAGAZINE " the one that's most like sailing on a friend's boat. It's an unusual excursion, without the slick phoniness that afflicts many cruises."
Other options:   American II (high performance), Angelique, Kapalua Kai, Kiele V, Paragon, and Scotch Mist.  

Maui Vacation Properties

Equipment:  KANAHA KAI - 808-877-7778
Lessons:  MAUI SPORTS UNLIMITED - 808-280-7060
The North and South shores of Maui have great surfing spots year round for both beginners and experts. The winter months see swell on the North and the summer in the south. 
NeW tried surfing, kite surfing or windsurfing?  No problem - lessons will have you achieving some degree of success on your first day.  Call Linda and crew at 808-280-7060. Already know how to surf or windsurf, but need a board?  No problem - stop in at Kanaha Kai in Kahului, for a great selection of surf and windsurf board rentals.   CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO     Our opinion - "This is an activity that you probably didn't consider when you planned your trip, but one that will leave you with a great sense of accomplishment".

Maui Vacation Properties
Go for it! Buy or rent a boogie board with fins, and follow the surf! Boogie boarding is fun, easy, and will be enjoyed by young and old alike. It's not unusual to see local children as young as three out enjoying the small waves.    Don't know how?  Don't worry, it's easy.  If you feel that a lesson is in order, call Linda at Maui Sports Unlimited 808-280-7060.

Maui Vacation Properties

Kayaking can actually be quite dangerous, particularly with the offshore breezes of the South Shore.  BUT, it can also be a lot of fun.  This can be an opportunity to see marine life that you wouldn't normally get a chance to see.  We've been out at LaPerouse Bay with hundreds of dolphins - a true nature experience!  If you want to kayak, there are a number of tour operators offering kayak tours and rentals.   Use your judgment, and exercise extreme caution!   Reserve through Andreas at 888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

Maui Vacation Properties

Reserve through Andreas at 888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
December through March the whales come to Hawaiian waters to breed and bear calves. It's almost impossible to imagine these huge creatures, until you're out on the board, and see one come up beside you.  This is definitely a MUST DO for a winter vacation.

Entry fee .50 cents (children free)
This will add some local color to your trip.  Visit the Saturday morning flea market in Kahului (next to the Post Office, and across from McDonalds).  This is an unusual blend of junk, treasures, fruits & veggies, flowers, and T-shirts ($4-$5 each).  A great place to pick up souvenirs.  Many clients shop for their week's supply of produce.

Maui Vacation Properties
It's exciting to explore a tropical island. Whether you take a guided tour or venture out on your own, there are a few sights you shouldn't miss:

1. Haleakela National Park - Weather Report and Conditions - 808-572-4400 (office) and 808-877-5111 (weather)
Haleakela Park is visited by a million people a year. This dormant volcano's vast moon-like cratered floor with its' towering cinder cones is a geological wonder. Sunrise and sunset are two glorious times of the day to view the crater in extremely beautiful settings. The road leading to the summit is just 38 miles long - 1 1/2 hours from the center of Kahului. If you are planning to go for sunrise, plan to be AT THE TOP approx. 45 minutes before actual sunrise.  By SUNRISE time, the color show is pretty much over.   The crater can be cold! Whenever you choose to visit the crater, call and check on weather and general viewing conditions.  For ranger led hikes and talks check park bulletin boards or call the above number.

2. Iao Valley - Three miles inland from the center of old Wailuku town is one of Maui's most beautiful spots - The Iao Valley. The centerpiece of the valley is the Iao Needle which stands 2250 feet high, constructed naturally of lava and overgrown with lush green foliage. Walking through the park you will see many varieties of exotic flowers and trees and enjoy the views from the sheltered lookout.

3. Hana - The Hana road meanders along the northern coastline, a breathtaking experience of cliffs, lush valleys, streams, waterfalls and pools. The road has 617 curves and 56 one lane bridges before straightening out just before Hana. This area has many beautiful hikes, trails and beaches to explore and enjoy.  The Seven Sacred Pools is just beyond Hana, and you might want to turn around here or take the back road home.  If you're driving to Hana on your own, pick up a Hana Tour CD (available at many locations) or call 808-871-1555. The CD will be your guide, giving you info on the vegetation, points of interest, Hawaiian tales, etc...

Maui Vacation Properties
Reserve through Andreas at 888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO    
Maui has a wonderful variety of terrain that can be explored on horseback - Haleakala crater, eucalyptus forests, beach areas, and Hana coastline.  Guests are appropriately screened, to select riding tours suited to their ability.

Maui Vacation Properties
Many people come to Maui, and spend their entire vacation on the beach on the South Shore.  But there is plenty more to see.  Spend a morning or afternoon Upcountry.  You could start with sunrise at the top of Haleakala (but you'll need to get up super early), followed by breakfast at Kula Lodge.  Then perhaps a stop at the winery or a protea farm.  Make sure to stop in Makawao to enjoy the quaint collection of shops (clothing, art, unusual items).  If you don't want the early start, plan to sightsee in the afternoon, ending with sunset at Haleakala.  Stop at Casanova's in Makawao for dinner on your way home.

Maui Vacation Properties
All over Maui there are many great hiking trails ranging from an hour to full day journeys through beautiful rain forests, open fields or the crater floor. There are plenty of informative books to help you take yourself into some very exotic terrain - with crisp fresh water pools to swim in - and some great walks to get the blood flowing!  For the true hiker, check into the GPS hikes available on Maui.

Wailea Tennis Club - 808-879-1958
Many condo properties have tennis courts, but if you prefer the atmosphere of a tennis club, Wailea tennis offers three grass courts, eleven plexi-pave courts and excellent instruction. They will also match you for play with other players of similar ability.

Maui Vacation Properties
Reply on Andreas' expertise to compare the various trips for you.  Give him a call at  888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO
See the island like a bird! There is no other way to get this total overview.  Waterfalls, rain forests, Haleakala Crater, the Hana coastline, West Maui!

Maui Vacation Properties
Sky-line Eco Adventures
- Cross a canyon on a zip-line
This is a popular activity, so book very early.
Call Andreas at  888-222-3602 or CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Maui Vacation Properties
There is no way to adequately describe the magnificence of the humpback whales.  Huge, graceful, gentle, loving, playful are just a few words. 
Contact Andreas (888-222-3602) to arrange a whale watch adventure (winter only). 
Our favorite...    the Pacific Whale Foundation.

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