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Pinnacle vacation rental in Maui

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Pinnacle a unique vacation villa in Maui

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Pinnacle Maui vacation villa in Haiku

PERMIT:   STPH  2013/0024


Aloha!  We are delighted that you are considering Pinnacle for your vacation lodging.   We are sure that you would enjoy this lovely vacation home.

PInnacle has a vacation rental permit issued by the County of Maui, and is subject to the rules and restrictions imposed by the County for all short term rental homes.  Please understand that we would be unable to accept a rental that does not agree to abide by these rules.

1.  Neighbors - Please be considerate of our neighbors.  Noise carries easily to their homes, particularly in the evening.  NO loud music, NO parties, NO amplified sound of any nature at any time.  Many neighbors must be up early in the morning to go to work, and it’s important that your use of PInnacle does not impact them in any way.

2.  Quiet Hours - Quiet time is from 9pm to 8am. 

3.  Use of the Property -
Additional friends/family CANNOT be invited to the property and it cannot be used as a “meeting place”.   The property can be used ONLY by the guests listed on the rental agreement (maximum 4 guests including children in the Main House, and maximum 4 guests in the cottage).

4.  Parking - There is plenty of parking on the property.  Vehicles CANNOT be parked on the street at any time.  When vehicles are on the street, there is insufficient space for emergency vehicles, fire trucks, the trash truck or neighbors to get down the road.

Additional information with respect to care and maintenance of the house will be included in the rental agreement.

Pinnacle vacation rental villa in Maui

Pinnacle vacation rental villa in Maui
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